Friday, August 1, 2008

backside of summer

School is starting or has already started. Dylan is in 2nd grade this year. Thinks he's a big kid. He started reading one of Darrell's "Harry Potter" books the other day. Little to much book for him. I need to dig out Darrell's old books from the attic. Everything Dylan has on his book shelf is geared towards a beginning reader or even younger. Darrell's books are adolescent or older.

Darrell has signed up for classes at MTSU. He's changed his major, English. Doesn't really matter to me what major he ends up with, just so long as he goes to class and passes. This time around he's scheduled classes starting after 11 am. He's definitely not a morning person. He's a night owl. I started out as a Photojournalism major on my first trip through college at Western Kentucky University. Quite a change to the accounting major I ended up with, many years later.

Sun didn't come up this morning until I'd already finished one loop on the golf course. Gray morning, no sunrise but plenty warm and humid. The days are getting shorter and summer is slipping away fast.

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