Friday, August 29, 2008

Busy thursday

Slept in till 6 am Thursday morning. Wanted to get up at 3:30 am and do the 11.2 at Percy Warner Park. Ended up going at 12:30. Only went into work for a half day. Dropped off the canopy and other tail gate supplies at Walnut Grove on the MTSU campus at 7:30 before going into work. All of the spots parallel to the road were already taken.

Run at PWP was awesome. As I passed the 3 mile mark on 3 mile hill, still climbing wondering to myself why I wanted to run the Monkey Marathon, I saw a deer standing on the side of the road. We both looked at each other like, what the hell. Continued to practice running the downhills on my toes. Worked great, average pace for the run was 7:51. Added the Luke Lea overlook, didn't slow down much to look at Nashville. Needed to be back on the road at 1:30 to pick up Dylan at school to head out to the game. Barrelling down hill with the switchbacks, saw another deer on the side of the road. This was a fawn with spots, never have seen one this close. 10 yards farther down the road a 6 point buck and a doe. Crazy, close to the road. Never saw another runner or biker the entire time in the park. Lots of lizards on the road and a turtle about the size of a silver dollar.

Made it back to Murfreesboro, with just enough time to jump in the shower before waiting in line to pick up Dylan at school. Got to MTSU about 3 pm. We were able to park real close to were I'd set up our canopy. Good time tailgating. Speedy showed up around 4 pm. His wife and daughter around 5 pm. Darrell came by about the same time and we got our tickets to the game. The game itself was a bust. MTSU sucked. No offense, couldn't move the ball. Defense was hit or miss. Couple of good plays. We got clobbered 31-17. Dylan played the second half with a friend from school, they had box seats. I watched the rest of the game behind the band. Love hearing the band at the game. MTSU had 21 tuba's, Troy had more according to the kid in front of me.


Lisa said...

I was invited to this game and now that I read that they suck, I'm glad I didn't go.

I know I should do the research but what kind of foot strike should we have on those long, fast downhills. I tend to do them WAY too fast, I think.

Old Man and mid pack runner said...

I wanted a little more speed on the downhills. Speedy said I should lean down and run on my toes. (think hot coals, tip toeing)I'd been leaning back and braking with my heels hitting the ground.
His foot strike is similar to mine, but he really brings his foot up, almost to his rear end. I haven't been able to mimic that foot strike, yet.

Gotta support the local team. Titans aren't much to brag about either;) But glad they finally got rid of Smac man. (even though he was a hell of kick off and punt returner)

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