Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Used my headlamp on the bike this morning. Works great for running. Not enough light for the bike. Don't want to mount a light on my bike. I'll have to research a helmet mounted light with more candle power. Really don't like to ride the bike in the dark, but with the shorter days its the only option to get some time in the saddle.

Tried out a new section of pathway directly across from the new parking lot across the railroad tracks from the General Bragg HQ's trailhead. It is paved asphalt with lights, that weren't on this morning. Startled a walker who was yakking on his cell phone. Quite a few benches, but the pathway stopped 20 yards from Medical Center parkway, were it changed to a concrete sidewalk. (sign posted No Bicycles). Hopefully they'll put a asphalt pathway completely around the loop.

New section of trail, just past the stop sign and to the left in the photograph above. Probably a quarter mile to Medical Center Parkway and close to a mile for the loop back to where this picture was taken. Only a quarter mile of pathway, another quarter mile of sidewalk and a half mile of road.

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