Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Week 14 recap

Last week was the first week of training for the Monkey Marathon. Already I'm slacking on the long runs. Should have run a 16 mile long run on Sunday, but only did 14 miles. Went out to Cedars of Lebanon with Speedy and FM2. Ended up with to much slowdown on the trails, 4 miles worth. Next time I'm sticking to the gravel. Between the spider webs, rocks and other obstacles the pace was super slow. Hard to get a good rhythm going.

Next weeks long run is a scheduled 18 miles. Probably go out to Spain hill and just add 7 miles. Good thing about adding on the miles in the middle of the run, its almost impossible to bail out of the run and cut it short. Could backfire if it's hot, but I'll just carry another water bottle if its warm.

Spent most of Saturday at the Wilson County fair. Darrell and Dylan rode as many rides as they'd let Dylan ride. Most of the rides had a 48 inch minimum, Dylan is 47 inches. Some would let him ride and others wouldn't. The only ride I rode was the ferris wheel. PJ, doesn't do the rides. I've got some pictures to add when I get back to the house. (typing this at lunch) This is one of the best fairs in the area. Clean and a little bit of something for everyone. Only wish they had more of a variety of animals.

Dylan on a Kubota

Darrell on the ferris wheel

Darrell and PJ watching the dog show

PJ and Dylan in front of a Farmall

Monday was a 7 mile recovery run on the golf course. Tonight, I hope to get in a tempo workout. Have to see what time I can get out of work.


Lisa said...

I heard that they broke their attendance record in only 2 days at that fair.

Jill said...

Love the WC fair. We should do the bike ride sometime...free admission to the fair! BAWC (Bike across W Cty). I went to the fair last year...only to eat junk food. Sure will miss that his year. Hope you ate some good tastin' stuff for me.
PS Were you out riding bikes in Alexandria on Sunday..?? Looked like you - grey shirt.??

Old Man and mid pack runner said...

no junk food this year. wasn't me on the bike, I didn't ride sunday. heard from a co-worker, 98,000 attendance on Saturday. when does your bike come in, Lisa? Pro cyclist in the 'boro had a couple of smaller framed Fuji's. small inventory.

Lisa said...

Procyclist? Where? Address?
All MOAB would say is about 4-6 weeks. I've not made time to look anywhere else.