Friday, August 15, 2008

monkey marathon plan

This has got to be the easiest marathon plan I've ever laid out. Took me 20 seconds. Usually I have a time goal in mind and very specific workouts for the 16 weeks or so leading up to the target marathon. Not this time. This time, its about finishing. That's it. But, this marathon supposedly has a few little hills. I know, I've doubled the 11.2 in other marathon training schedules. This time around I'll just plan on making it out to PWP every 2-3 weeks.

The plan. Hills and more hills. As many 20 milers as I can get between now and race day, it's 6, according to the calendar. That was the 20 seconds of prep time. Down week from 20 miler, 14 miles at marathon pace. That's it. Oh, plus a tempo workout once a week, just to try and keep a little bit of leg turnover. Two week taper. The last marathon I ran was Boston in 2005. Trained for a fall marathon in 2006, but didn't make it to the start line. But, I did a 50k in 2007 and dnf'd another in 2008. This marathon training is fun stuff:)

August 17, 16 miles
August 24, 18 miles
August 31, 20 miles
September 14, 20 miles
September 28, 20 miles
October 12, 20 miles
October 26, 20 miles
November 9, 20 miles

OCD? Perhaps, after all I'm the one the ladies at work move the door mat, just to see if I'll put it back were it's "supposed" to be. This morning was a easy recovery on the golf course, 6.1 miles, plus weights.

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