Sunday, August 24, 2008

week 13 recap

Great week until this morning. Ran by myself on the Oregon/Lascassas loop, 18 miles. Shouldn't have let Speedy suck me into running faster than I wanted to yesterday. I paid for it today. My right glute was tight before I even started. Carried an extra water bottle, because it was already 72 degrees at 5:15 when I started. Beautiful sunrise for the first several slow miles. I went out real slow and never picked up the pace.

Felt good until about mile 12 and then glutes were really tight from that point on home. I took a powergel at 8 miles and at 12 miles. Planned to take a succeed cap every 45 minutes, but after the first one decided to take them a little sooner. Ending up taking them at 6, 10 and 14 miles. Never did cramp up, just didn't have much energy or turnover. Hot and tired. Good thing the sun stayed behind the clouds all morning and it seemed like the wind was in my face for the entire run.

I've had worse long runs. All in all, not a bad run considering the jump from my longest run of 15 miles two weeks ago. Probably haven't gone over 15 miles, since this time last year? But, this run was on course that is very hilly.

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