Thursday, August 7, 2008

streak broken

Two rest days in a row. Not by design. Yesterday was a planned rest day. Rode the bike for 16 miles. Changed the handlebars slightly to lower the drops to be parallel to the ground. (per a suggestion from a bike forums member) Made a big difference on getting more aero on the bike. Finally able to get back to 27 mph going down the small little rise out at the Stones River Battlefield. Also found out the "new" 10 speed has an extra gear, I'm not even strong enough to push, yet. It has a 11-23 cassette and I don't even get to the 11 on that small decline. Need to get out on some big hills.

Not really missing the aero bars. But, I haven't ridden over 20 miles yet on the new bike. Never did like the look of the aero bars, but they sure are comfy on a long ride. Plus, they do help to get more aero and increase the average mph on a ride. Downside to the bars has always been riding in groups or descending. No plans to put aero bars on this bike, its a road bike all the way. I've always wanted to do a tri, but just doesn't seem like that is possible anytime in the near future.

Serotta Hors Categorie before moving the bars parallal to the ground

New sign at the new parking lot on the other side of the railroad tracks at General Braggs Headquarters. It shows the extension out to Barfield Crescent Park. That'll be sweet when that is completed. May try and run on the dirt, it looks like they've started clearing for the path.

This morning I just slept in until almost 5:30. Should have run, but didn't get in bed until after 10:00 pm.


Lisa said...

What kind of bike do you have???

Cute clown!

Old Man and mid pack runner said...

current road bike, serotta hors categorie, titanium frame with Campy record 10 speed. probably a 2000 model

beater bike, ghetto single speed Schwinn World sport, steel frame, one speed for chasing Dylan around the neighborhood. cheap build from Salvation army. guessing its from the late 70's early 80's?

old road bike, Vitus 979, lightweight aluminum frame with Shimano 600 group. need to sell these one. currently worth around $400, compared to the current craigslist postings. (haven't priced bikes at the bike shop lately) late 80's model.