Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Busy weekend. Spent all day Saturday working on my car. Didn't finish until Sunday. My independent shop guy was right. It took me every bit of 6 hours. But, I saved $300. I don't mind working on my car. Just wish I'd had known I'd need a 18 mm wrench. Ended up taking a break about 2 hours into the job to go buy that wrench. Actually needed 2, one for each end of the bolt. Went to price it at Sears first. $35 for both wrenches, a open end wrench and a ratcheting wrench.(which ended up not working, not enough clearance). Next went to Northern Tools and bought both of them for half of the price at Sears. Same quality, just without the Craftsmen brand name. I quit working on the car, just after dark. I'd been going almost since lunchtime and ready to call it a day. Course I needed lots of hydration from my race in the morning and to prepare for Sunday's long run. Beer, water, beer, water. Work.

Sunday, Speedy and I went out to Cedars of Lebanon for 15 miles of gravel. We've been starting within the park with about 2 miles of road to the gravel. Decided next time, we'll park either in the middle or end of the gravel road and make it a all gravel/trail long run. We explored another trail to add a extra mile. Nice and soft mostly packed dirt with some mud holes from the 4 wheelers, with side trails around them. We could probably get 20 miles without repeating any of the gravel or the trails.

Monday recovery run on the golf course. Only did 7 miles. Legs were sore from the long run and the glutes were sore on Sunday from the race on Saturday. Slept in this morning. Doing another speed workout in the heat this evening. Won't exactly be hot though. Probably upper 80's at the most. Wouldn't mind if it stayed like this year round. Great bike riding weather. Little cool in the morning for the bike, but tolerable. Great for running. Looking forward to fall.

So, what's the next race? Maybe Fenton Payne, week after next. I'd like to shave a few more seconds off of the 5k time. Shift training focus to endurance. Keep doing at least one tempo workout a week, but concentrate on hills and 20 milers. Run a tough little marathon in the early fall and then a 50 miler in December. Haven't been able to find a 50 miler, may have to settle for a 100k in Chattanooga (Lookout Mtn. 100k). Plus, need to start getting in more miles on the bike to get ready for the Jack and Back? Haven't been able to find anything on the web about this years ride.

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Jill said...

Good job on the running and recovery from such a hard race effort. I saw the HH Marathon also...but am not in shape to do it. And it's sold out...errr. Then, I also saw the 100k...and would love to do that...but don't think I have enough time. Choices, choices.

Jack and Back is 10/4. Some Deloitte folks are doing it. I'll try to send you info if you can email me at jill.mongene@comcast.net.

After Lisa gets a bike...we should all do a ride "the bloggers ride!"