Thursday, August 21, 2008


Did the closest thing to PWP hills this morning with Speedy. Same run as last Thursday. 11 miles on Spain Hill. Pretty warm morning even at 4:36 am, I was running late and Speedy was about to leave. 79 degrees in the city according to Counted on it being a little cooler in the country, it wasn't. I carried a small water bottle and glad I did. Felt good this morning, next week I'll have to run the 11.2 at PWP instead.

Stopped on the way home to get some Gatorade, got orange Powerade instead. Little sweeter than I remembered. But, also picked up a tenderloin, egg, and cheese biscuit. Yummy. Perfect breakfast. Nice treat for a little bit of work on the hills.

Sold my Vitus 979 bike last night. I really liked that bike, hate to see it go. But, needed to make room for the Serotta Hors Categorie. Still have the Ghetto single speed Schwinn World Sport as well. Kid I sold the bike to seemed really excited. Currently a similar bike on ebay at $450, and another never ridden frame with Dura Ace for $2,000.

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