Saturday, August 30, 2008

week 12 recap

Ready for the cooler weather for these long runs. This morning it was 72 degrees at 6 am when I headed out the door. Very humid as well. Planned on doing 14 miles at marathon pace, 7:20 - 7:30. Took a couple of miles to get the rhythm going. Settled in around 7:20 pace up until mile 7. Mile 8 got some weird side stitch in the middle of my gut. Maybe, because I didn't eat anything? Drank some of that Powergel mix up your own electrolyte powder with water. Mile 9 was a struggle to stay on pace. Really struggled with maintaining my pace until mile 11.4 when I caved and stopped. Both glutes were tight and stretched them out. Slogged it home from that point. Still got my 14 miles, but ended up with a 7:39 average pace.

Rest of the week went well. Only down side to the back to back speed workouts and then a trip to PWP is a sore glute. Easy 5 mile recovery on the golf course on Friday was done at a snails pace. Next weeks long run is 20 miles. Hope its in the 60's or cooler.

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