Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ahhhhhhh Technology

First of all, thank goodness for weather.com and radar. Woke up at 4 am in order to meet at Fleet Feet. It was raining pretty hard when I got up to make the coffee. Didn't last long and the radar showed the shower was moving through and no more rain close. That's cool, didn't want my first run with the Garmin to be in the rain.

Secondly, the new headlamp was more than I imagined. I didn't turn it on until I got to the greenway. First impression, it seemed like I'd left my glasses on. Got use to that real quick. It gave off enough light to see the trail ahead and to read the Garmin. That'll help save some battery life and keep from having to hit the backlight button. Also, it picked up the reflection of the mile markers and animal eyes. That's one of the main reasons I'd decided to get one, after seeing something in the path on the greenway that didn't move when I approached. Never did decide what it was, but I sure don't want to get that close to a skunk. Plus, at x-mart, this thing only cost $9.95.

Last, and definitely not least the Garmin 305. This thing rocks! This morning I decided to see what my heart rate would be for the target half marathon pace, 8:00 miles. Dialed into a heart rate of 144 to hit the right pace. The heart rate varied by 4-5 beats depending on the terrain. Worked great, I was able to maintain a pretty even pace for the entire run, except for the last mile home. The wind picked up and was in my face and I headed up a hill. I didn't allow enough of a heart rate creep to account for both and the pace slipped to 8:18.

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