Monday, February 11, 2008

busy weekend

Slept in on Saturday, but still able to get out early enough to get in 5 miles before starting with the group at 7 am. Did another 8 miles with Jason and the Rock. Had to do the last 2 miles by myself, though. Still felt pretty good, better pace than last weekend. Ended up with 15 miles.

Met Paula's sister and family, plus her mom and dad for a trip to the Williamson County Ag center to see the RV show. RV's for everyone, except the million dollar plus Prevost's. Paula wants to get a pop up camper to pull behind the van. We used to have a hard side Apache pop up camper when we lived in Georgia. Should have held on to that. Be nice to just have a hunters special to leave up at the farm, but wouldn't be able to trailer it anywhere. No big hurry to get anything.

Had a late lunch at Cracker Barrel. I just had a blackberry cobbler and some bisquits. Paula and I were going out to eat at Ombi for my birthday and valentines for dinner. Really like the big fireplace and rocking chairs. I played Ryan a game of checkers and then we ate. Played another game against Dylan. Don't think I've ever been at Cracker Barrel that wasn't packed.

Paula and I got to Ombi about 5:15. We were the first one's there. I had a Yazoo beer and Paula had some wine, plus the crab cakes to start. Crab cakes were really good. Paula had a salad, just the typical, nothing fancy. Paula had the scallops, with curried artichokes. She didn't care for the artichokes, I thought they were pretty good, but to spicey for her. Her scallops were good, but that's only thing she liked from the entree. I got one of the specials, a pistachio encrusted trout. Excellent, best fish I've ever eaten. Rice was very good as well. I was pretty full and gave Paula half of my trout. We split a dessert, a chocolate coated peanut butter ball. It was rich, but not overly. Paula didn' like that either. I ended up eating all of it.

Sunday morning slept in even later. Got another 10 miles in really slow. Slower than my long run yesterday, but it was a really nice day. Hung out around the house and read about half of the "Duel in the Sun". Everyone came over around 3 pm to celebrate my birthday. Peggy made a pecan cake that tasted like pancakes, it was wonderful. Had some pecan ice cream as well. Went in to work after they left and worked until 9 pm or so.

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