Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday

Bah, voting is a pain in the ass. Can't fault the folks working the polls, guess they're all volunteers. Most are very cheery. Drove pass the place where my voter registration cards says I was supposed to vote. Instead I went to Sportscom, where I'd voted early a couple of times. Evidently that's where I erred. Sign on Sportscom said voting was at Kingwood Baptist, had another couple follow me over there. Waited 10 minutes in line to find out I should actually be voting at Siegel Middle School. Four voting machines at Kingwood and only 10 minute wait to get to one.

Siegel Middle school had the voting in the back of the school this year, in the hallway in front of the gym. Only 2 voting machines and a 20 minute wait. One thing I noticed from both voting places, was the lack of younger voters. Seems like everyone must have been at least 30+. Maybe just the time of day, 8-9 am. But, I feel in order to be able to complain about the elected officials, I need to vote. So I do.

Got my run in this morning with the Fleet Feet 5:30 am group. We did 6.25 miles and then I added another 2 miles. This was my ninth run in a row, since a day off. Tommorrow will be a day off. Wore a old pair of shoes because my new pair was still wet from the golf course yesterday. Need to buy another pair to alternate.

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