Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Easy day

Hard sometimes to go easy. But, it seems whenever I don't, I end up getting hurt. This mornings workout was supposed to be 4 miles at half marathon pace. Piece of cake, each quarter was coming in 2-3 seconds to fast. I know if I try and slow down to compensate, it always ends up being to much.

Finished the 4 miles, averaging around a 7:52. Started the 2.5 miles home, nice and easy. Today's route was an out and back to the greenway. Pace stuff on the greenway and then back to the house. Don't know why, but it seems like I pick up the pace when the sun comes up and the traffic picks up. Jammin' to the tunes on the Ipod shuffle, a heavy metal tune starts up. Must be the high beat of the drums, but my legs wanted to go. I did for almost a mile before I realized, I was supposed to be cooling down. Backed it down again and cruised on home. Shame I finished before the snow flurries started.

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