Friday, February 29, 2008

rabbit or wind

Speedy is still recovering from the flu. Shoot everyone at work has had the flu or stomach virus, or whatever other kind of crud that's been going around. Guess I lucked out, I only felt bad one day. Everyone in our house has had it has well. Anyway, no Speedy to push or pull me through the 6 mile tempo run this morning.

Ran from the house to the greenway with the wind in my face the first five miles. Two miles were warmup and then supposed to hit 6:40's for six miles. 6:55'ish that's it. Thought it was the wind and I'd pick up the slack at the five mile turnaround. Nope. Started raining. Two more miles at 6:55'ish and I decided five miles of kinda, sorta close to tempo was good enough for today.

Three mile cool down actually clicked right into the 8:00 half marathon pace. That's good, the workout was semi-beneficial Can't blame the wind, guess I need a rabbit to push or pull me on the tough days.

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Anonymous said...

I didnt get sick, im not a pansy like the rest