Tuesday, February 12, 2008

rain, what rain?

Got up at 4 am to get in a couple of extra miles before joining the Fleet Feet group at 5:30. But, it was raining pretty hard and according to the radar it looked like it would last for awhile. I went ahead and dressed accordingly. "Tight" tights, singlet, high visibility yellow rain jacket, hat, gloves, ipod in a baggie and old lightweight trainers. Instead of driving to Fleet Feet I headed out into the rain from the house. That would give me an out, should it start raining to hard or I was really miserable.

It was raining pretty steady and came a real downpour, not even a quarter mile from the house. Luckily the downpour only lasted a 100 meters or so. It continued to rain, but stopped completely about a mile or so out from the house. The wind was pretty brisk on the way out. I went 4 miles out to Bragg HQ's and turned around. I'd forgotten one thing when I headed out but was able to "adapt and improvise". Coming back on the greenway I could really smell the fresh earth, almost like when a field is newly plowed. Reminder that spring is only a couple of months away.

On the return of my out and back the wind was at my back coming up Thompson Lane. Usually can't seem to feel the wind when its at your back. I was thinking that while JC was singing "your own personal Jesus". Felt the wind this morning it was a warm gentle push. Not continually, but just every once in awhile, must have been the gusts.

All in all, a pretty good birthday morning run. At least until Paula told me she couldn't open the garage door. Seems the spring that winds the cable that pull the door up are broken? Guess I'll be waiting until a repairman can come and fix it. I was able to finally get the door up, and hold it up for Paula to back out. But, now the door won't even close all of the way. Happy freakin' birthday.

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Lisa said...

Happy Birthday, even though it's freaking. :)