Monday, February 25, 2008

Naked legs

Ok, copied this from someone else's blog.(LS:)Finally, seems like anyway, a run in shorts. I hate wearing tights, but its a necessary evil. Actually moved the temperature threshold when I start to put on the tights. Use to be anything below 32 degrees, shorts. Now days, its 39 degrees, plus a degree or so if the wind is blowing.Temperature this morning 41 degrees.

Forgot all about my new headlamp I bought at x-mart on Saturday. PJ really got a kick out of making fun of me when I was trying it out. I'll try it for the first time on the road tomorrow, along with the NEW GPS. Getting ansy for that to get here, should be today. I'll be at the peak of running geekdom with the GPS, Ipod and headlamp.

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Lisa said...

I've run with this list of items on me. I felt stupid but they were all necessary. Added at least 10 lbs to my frame, I'm sure. ha!

1. pepper spray
2. head lamp
3. iPod shuffle
4. Garmin
5. Fuel belt with 6 bottles