Sunday, February 24, 2008


Late start this morning. Didn't start running until 6:30 am. Nice change of pace, being able to actually see everything instead of running in the dark. Kinda reluctant to head out the door because of the rain on the radar. Able to get most of the the 10.8 miler done before the rain really started coming down hard enough to be annoying. Really spitting a little snow and sleet, instead of rain anyway.

Pretty gray morning, but did see the largest single group of turkeys ever in the wild. Had to be at least a hundred or more wild turkeys. I heard them before I saw them, which I rarely ever hear them. This was on the front side of the "big" hill on the Lascassas loop. Except I was running it backwards from the direction I usually run it.

Coolest part of the run was the coyote. I saw him loping across a field towards the tree line and road that I was headed towards. As I rounded the corner, he started across the road, saw me and bolted back the way he'd come. This isn't the first time I've seen a coyote out here, but the best look in broad daylight and to see the difference in the different gaits. I was downwind when I first started watching until we met on the roadway.

Garmin should get here tomorrow. Busy since Friday. Stayed home with Dylan and fixed the garage door. Saturday lots of running around. Sunday up to the farm. Bob scared everyone after I doused a pile of tobacco stalks with camp fuel and he lit it. Small explosion and ball of flame; he singed one side of his face.

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