Thursday, February 7, 2008

Golf Course

Got my run in this morning on the golf course. The best thing about the golf course is the soft surface. I'm no golfer, so I don't know all of the different spots on the course, but they seem to have at least 2-3 different levels of grass cuts. I don't run on the rough or outside the white markers. A fellow runner and golfer showed me how to run the course, from hole to hole and avoid the greens. This gets as close to running on a shag carpet as you can get. I really think the benefits of doing this twice a week have really helped me to be able to pick up my mileage and increase to six days a week.

Other states where I have lived had either trails or crushed stone pathways to run on. Sure wish Murfreesboro had such a place to run. The Stones River Battlefield has a short trail, but it isn't quite long enough, plus you have to run on the asphalt to get to it. That kinda defeats the whole purpose of running on the trail. The new medical center complex is supposed to have a walking path around it. I'm pretty certain it will be asphalt.

The good thing about running the golf course in the winter is the ability to see where you're going. We usually run before sunrise. I guess all golf courses are off limits to runners. On a cloudy morning the light reflects off the clouds, same thing on a full moon. Only downside to the winter is having to get up at 3:30 am to get out to the course. Summer time you don't have to get up as early, but the course is almost always damp to wet from the dew. Plus, the chemicals they put on the grass to kill the weeds and make the grass grow are pretty strong. You can smell them when you run and also on your legs when you finish. Or it's the gray water they use to water the grass?

The biggest benefit to running on this particular golf course will have to remain a secret. Most runners could probably figure it out. I've only run on three of the courses here in town. I know someone else who runs on another, and that still leaves two more courses that we haven't tried out yet. So, where I run will have to remain a secret. I don't think the groundskeepers have a issue as long as we're off the course before the golfers show up. I'm certain everyones official position is the golf course is restricted to golfers between x:am and y:pm 365 days a year. I'd bet they don't really have time to try and run off one crazy runner. If so, I'll move to the next course and hope my ears don't burn to much because I let the secret out.

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