Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor day weekend

Saturday morning we went up to the farm. Lazy weekend. Set up the badminton net. Put up a couple of swings on the hedgeapple tree. Took a few pictures. But, the shots of the snapping turtle didn't come out very good. Must have moved from the pond to try and find another place to live. Ran once Sunday morning, easy 10 miles.

Come back to Murfreesboro Monday morning. I weed eated the yard, while PJ trimmed the shrubs. Ryan came over and mowed the grass. PJ paid him $25. Our mower died last time I mowed the yard. The rings were shot I believe. It'd been smoking for awhile.

Went into work for a little while on Monday night. But, not before stopping at the stone gates of PWP for a little bike ride. Warmed up on Belle Meade Blvd. Then rode the 11.2 route, plus added the Shell cut through, as an out and back. Ok, I love the park for running, but biking wow. Got up to 33 mph on a couple of the downhills. I didn't even try and push it all the way. I'd like to follow someone who could descend and see how they push the corners. I slowed down to around 18 mph to go around the one 180 degree hairpin turn on the backside of nine mile hill. I've heard of a couple of bikers who have either hit the wall or gone down in that turn.

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Lisa said...

Those downhills on a bike in that park would freak me out!