Saturday, March 1, 2008

Missin' the trails

Got out in the dirt this morning during the long run. On the first loop of Stones River Battlefield, I ran on the shoulder in the dirt and gravel. Instead of going around one more time, I jumped on the trail. Even though we've had lots of rain, the trail was pretty firm and only a couple of mud holes and standing water. Just isn't enough trail to make it worthwhile.

I haven't look at the Garmin data in detail to see how much trail, but I'd guess only 3 miles. What was really eye opening was the amount the pace slowed and the heart rate rose, dancing over and around all of the rocks. Really would have been better to have some trail shoes. Only got close to a face plant once.

Went up to the farm for the rest of the day. Bob was putting some windows in the barn, so we went up to help. Pushed around a bunch of dirt with the bucket on the tractor after we'd finished putting in the windows. Good thing for four wheel drive, the mulched tobacco stalks made quite a gooey bog. Hooked the logging chain up to a VW sized rock to drag it out of the rest of the tobacco stalks that need to be burned.

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Anonymous said...

i went forest wandering today in tha battlefield