Saturday, September 27, 2008

20 miler number 3

20 miler number 3 is in the books. The Monkey is 8 weeks from tomorrow. This run was about a 9. Planned on a early start of around 5:30 am, but poked around and didn't get started until 6 am. Worked out well. Needed 2 miles before the 18 mile St. John's loop. Gave me time to clean the pipes and allow the sun to rise. Sun was never a factor until around mile 10. From that point home it still wasn't to warm, the sun was on my bare back, and a slight breeze. Temperature was around 61 to start and about 70ish when I finished after 2:49 total running. Lots of small climbs and felt really good all the way through 15 miles. One last stop, but it was alittle to long. Slogged up Spain hill and even slogged down the other side. Thought to myself that it was going to be a slog on home for the final 3 miles, but the caffeine in my powergel finally kicked in and I was able to cruise home comfortably at "monkey marathon pace" average. (8:00 minute miles) Splits for the final 3 miles were 8:16, 7:52 and 7:43. Good to have some gas in the tank for the way home. Trimmed 7 minutes off the time from 4 weeks ago and felt good. Little stiff and tired between miles 15 and 17, shouldn't have stopped for so long. 61 miles for the week.

Paula and Dylan are headed up to the farm for the day and I'm headed into work.