Monday, September 15, 2008

more dirt

The 3 main competitors

Dr. Big Time and Juliet Lee getting ready

big ugly bug from Madagascar ?

Dylan and a big pumpkin

High dive show at the TN State Fair

more high dive

Dylan's lego creations

Giant pumpkin at the state fair

Saturday we went to the State Fair in Nashville. They've got nothing on the Wilson County Fair. Watched the high diving show, Dylan got a kick out of that. Mainly we went to watch Dr. Big Time in the Krystal burger eating competition. He made it to a 3 way, 10 burger eat off with Juliet Lee and another big fella. Juliet Lee only managed to get half of her burgers into her mouth, the rest was debris on the table and ground. At one point she dropped a burger behind her. Dr. Big Time or the other fella should have won.

MTSU only played half a game again. They lost to Kentucky. The offense fell asleep in the second half. Titans won convincingly over the Bengals. Terry Collins is a class act. He preformed in the wind and the defense held them to one touchdown. Vince could learn a lot from him. Cutler has more poise and maturity than Vince. Watched the last few minutes of the Denver game. He threw an interception that he should have thrown into the seats. But, instead of pouting like Vince. He comes back and takes the Bronco's to the scoreboard and then hits again for the 2 points, to win the game. We should have taken him over Vince. Didn't realize Vince was such a baby, he's got a lot of growing up to do.

Sunday's run was on the new trail construction from the Kid's Castle at Old Fort Park towards New Salem Hwy. Ramp towards the river is finished. Nice small crushed gravel for a portion of the route and dirt for the remainder. There was a small portion with boulder sized rocks, real ankle breakers. The Rock said that's what they've been laying down before the fine crushed gravel. Bridge is across the river, but the ramp has not been completed yet. The Rock explored the other side of the river and could only find trails to no where. Construction is coming along nicely. We were able to get 6 miles of the dirt and gravel. Pretty windy and warm with Ike blowing thru. I added a loop on the road up Main street to get 4 more miles for a total of 10 miles.

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