Friday, September 19, 2008


Chuck Berry, #1 with Johnny B. Good

Talked with VT and RW at work the other day about the Rolling Stones list of the top 100 greatest guitar songs. These guys really know their music.(VT and RW) They've turned me on to a lot of stuff I wouldn't even have known about.(plus Billy and even Speedy, both of those guys play guitar.) This list also has some I've never heard. I took the list and pulled together a play list from my I tunes list. I had about 30-40 of the songs from the list. Added another 20 or so, that didn't make the cut. Read some of the comments on the Rolling Stones article and they mention a few other songs, as did VT and RW. One biggie that everyone agrees that was left off, "Smoke on the water". Another comment was the Beatles didn't belong on the list, they were "easy listening". WTF? Go listen to the White Album. I've still got it loaded in my CD changer in the car. Skip over Paul's songs and listen to the guitar on any of George or John's stuff. Had to put one of my favorite Beatles songs on this play list. "I want you" (She's so heavy).

Tempo workout last night with EB. We did 5.5 miles at tempo pace after a 2 mile warmup. It's getting easier. Great thing about the tempo workouts is seeing the improvement over previous workouts. Wore the heart rate monitor this time. My heart rate was almost 5 beats lower for the entire workout versus 2-3 weeks ago. Progress.

Easy 5 miler on the gravel at the MTSU horse arena and weights this morning.

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George Harrison is better than Lennon.