Saturday, September 13, 2008

forward momentum

Check out Christians race report from his first 100 miler. This guy does some great write ups, I've been watching his blog for awhile now. After this mornings long run, I'm really wondering if I want to attempt a 50 miler. Long runs in the heat are not any fun. Two weeks till the next 20 miler, hopefully the temperatures will be a little bit cooler. Saw Mr. Badwater, twice this morning, he always looks fresh and smiling.

Started out for this mornings 20 miler at 5:30 am and it was already 74 degrees. Ran from the house up to Regency by Erma Siegel Elementary. Wanted to get a 4 mile warmup and then do 5 miles at marathon pace. Ended up with 6 miles at marathon pace for a total of 10 miles at that point. Already took my only powergel at 8 miles. Succeeds caps every 4 miles and a packet of caffeine Jelly Belly Sport Beans to get me home. Started eating of few of those every 2 miles from 14 miles. Walked about a quarter mile with KS. He was walking back from Cannonsburg with Plantar Facitis issues. Shade on the greenway was nice, the open patches were plenty warm with the sun already beating down. Last 2 miles home in the sun were a struggle. Sure did want to walk, but resisted the urge and kept slogging it on home. Ended up drinking 3 water bottles worth of water on the entire run. Hand carried just the one bottle this time, filling it up the 2 times I passed General Bragg's HQ on the greenway. Last 3 miles, I was drinking every mile.

This is the second time I've tried the Sport Beans in a long run. Only reason I used them this morning was because I didn't have any more powergels. I would have liked to have had a powergel at 8, 12 and 16 miles. But, only had one left and the sport beans. Never really cramped or crashed, succeeds helped as well. The caffeine in the sport beans probably helped this morning, especially those last few miles. Still aren't very convenient on the run, had a heck of time ripping the packet open.


Lisa said...

I hate the "sticking in the teeth" part.

Old Man and mid pack runner said...

yep, I wouldn't buy them. Got these in a race packet.