Sunday, September 21, 2008


Saturday was a pretty quiet day. Timed the Rally for Support 5k at the VA. Rained lightly up until gun time and then stopped. I just ran the course twice to get some miles. Rest of the day was laid back. Listened to 3 quarters of the MTSU game and turned it off. Offense couldn't move the ball.

Speedy and FM2 pulled me through 7 miles of a 14 miler this morning. Nice hilly route. At 7 miles they pushed and I maintained. Still got the workout I wanted, roughly marathon pace effort, 7:20-7:30. Actually went negative on the back 7, chasing them. Had hopes of keeping it at 7:00 coming off the last hill at 9 miles, but splits slowed to 7:23,7:07,7:15,7:21 and 7:02.

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