Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ah, ha moment

Talked with speedy last night about some of the changes he's making in his training. Bottom line, if you want to run fast, you have to train fast. Doh.

Thought my speed had disappeared this morning. I'd wanted to go to Percy Warner Park and run the 11.2, but didn't want to leave the house at 3:30 and starting after work is to long of a day. Did some 200 meter repeats instead. Struggled to run a 41 for the first couple. Got a couple of 39's, but still a whole lot of work. Just before I finished I was able to run one 37 and then a 36 with half as much rest. Perhaps, I haven't lost all of my speed.

The ah, ha moment came on the way home. As I came out onto to Thompson Lane another runner was behind me. I started home with him behind me. I looked at my Garmin and I was running a 9:00 pace, sheeeeit. Decided to crank it to at least marathon pace, say 7:30 and take it home, only a mile away. Quarter mile in or so, look at my watch and I'm at adjusted tempo pace, 6:40. Damn, felt easy. Cruised on home at that pace and felt like a million bucks. Now I see how those guys can run tempo in the middle of their long runs. It feels good to run fast! Relatively speaking, of course........

Lance is back. Can't wait to watch him race again.

Spam robots.*&^%$#! Looked at the stats for my blog this morning before my first post and no visitor's. Almost immediately after I finished, I get a comment from someone with a picture of a woman and a vague comment about the subject of my post, with a link to a website. The link didn't work, but when I googled it, I could see where the same url was on several other blogs or websites. But, the interesting thing was the amount of unique visitors in a 2 minute or so window. 42 hits in that time frame, had to be a robot. Just hope I didn't get a trojan or some other virus from that link. Deleted the comment.

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Lisa said...

I got one of those before I went "underground". It was weird.

So glad Lance is back on the bike but I want to see him do another marathon, too.

It seems really retiring is a thing of the past. I wonder if Farve will retire for a THIRD time at the end of this season. ha!