Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Well, almost anyway. Closest I've ever been to a skunk. Heading out of the neighborhood this morning, I slowed for a car coming down the road. It's lights spotlighted the skunk that was standing 5 feet from me on the corner. YIKES!

Sunday, I finished watching the Titans game and started to watch the Colts. I only was going to watch to see if they could be beat. Decided I didn't give a rats ass about the Colts and went for a bike ride.(even more over all of the Tennessee fans, who watch the Colts because of Peyton, glad to see TN get clobbered by the Gators) I've been wanting to get in a half way long ride before "back to jack" anyway. Headed out towards Lascassas and did the Lascassas loop, plus alittle of Browns Mill where I took a wrong turn. Got up to 35 mph coming down one hill. That's a blast. Ended up with 32 miles in roughly the same time it'd taken me to run 14 miles that morning. 1:47 on the bike and 1:44 on the run.

Bike took more out of me. Quads were sore coming home and even more so over the next 2 days. They were even sore this morning in my 3 point stance during my warmup this morning. Still sore after I finished my speed workout. I almost didn't run the intervals, but WH had the track open. Jeez, if he can be out there running the stairs after racing on Saturday, I could run a few 200's. I just broke up the 200's into sets of 3, only break was after the first 6, but mentally easier to think of it as 3 intervals. First 2 were off, but nailed the rest. A little more work, maybe because of the sore quad?

Speed Queen has trashed her plantar. It was sore after she did the relay. But, instead of resting it, she did some trails over the weekend and can hardly walk. She goes in to the doctor today. Probably end up with a boot. Hopefully she hasn't screwed it up badly enough to need surgery. I can't say much, I tend to push when I should rest. Also, I messed up the date for "back to Jack". It's the weekend I'll be working on Saturday for an accelerated close, because we head out of town at o'dark thirty for Tampa and our cruise. Budget time as well, so this weekend is toast as well. Sheeeeeeeeeeeit.

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