Friday, September 26, 2008


Some times the stuff on the Strider board just doesn't make sense. Talk the other day lead to a suggestion for a tempo run at marathon pace. Huh? According to Jack, these are two vary different paces. One poster said anything quicker than easy is tempo. That's pretty vague. For me marathon pace would be 7:20-7:30. Tempo pace right now is 6:45-7:00. I've heard it described as comfortably hard pace. Not 5k or 10k pace, but around half marathon pace or slower. Found a cool calculator for pace, base on Daniels tables when I googled, Jack Daniels Running Formula.

Wednesday was a recovery day, 5 easy miles. Last night EB and I did a tempo run of 6 miles. Really more of a progression run. Started at the high end of the tempo range and picked it up each mile, finishing the last mile really strong. Actually closer to 10k pace for the final mile. Cooler temps were a tremendous help. But the shorter days, and the target race being two weeks out will be the end of these tempo runs. Back to the morning tempos, hopefully Speedy or FM2 can pull me through.

Cruise is approaching fast. We'll be gone the week of Oct 6-11. That's why I'll be missing the Murfreesboro Half this year. Great race last year for the inaugural, except for the heat. They've reversed the course this year and doubled the entrants to 2,000, but I don't think its sold out yet. Next race for me will be the Monkey Marathon, then either the Bolt, maybe Rocket City?

Only downside to taking a vacation is the pile of work when you return. Also, this year the pre-work before we leave to town is all coming due at the same time. End of the month, so accelerated close, payroll, and firt pass of the 2009 budgets. Busy, busy, busy right up until we leave.

Another easy 5 miles this morning as a recovery from last nights tempo workout. Only 12 hours since that run. I can see how doubling would help with the high miles. Really helps to loosen the legs up from a tough workout.


Spandex King said...

Thanks for ruining my day. Seeing that boat made me wish I was going. I had a blast on my cruise. Have fun!

Lisa said...

The "Love Boat"!

Take plenty of photos!!!

Jill said...

Sometimes the stuff on the Striders board is just complete nonsense! You did good doing your own research! I'll be at FM to cheer (and I'm baking post race goodies...have a favorite? email it to me!).

Have fun on the cruise! We're goin 6/ I may lose my 9th streak at Moon Pie...but all fun.

Old Man and mid pack runner said...

ha, ha, yes it will be on the "fun ship" though. photos, yes. family cruise, no "love boat"

bakin', ohhhhh, how about oatmeal raisan cookies? or would that clash with my oatmeal stout post race beverage?