Thursday, September 4, 2008

pulled along

Gaaawgus sunrise this morning. Didn't even peak until after we had finished running and I stretched out after this mornings run. Last week the sunrise was about 4 miles earlier into our run. Hope that means cooler weather is on the way. Today's run was all about hills. Did the Spain Hill loop, 11 miles with about 4 good hills to climb. Speedy pulled me the entire way and then decided to push 2 of the last 3 miles home. Actually felt pretty good, right about tempo pace. Average pace for the entire run was 7:20 with the average heart rate about where it was for the 8:00 pace for the CMM half marathon pacing effort. (155 bpm)

Carried my water bottle this morning, instead of wearing the usual water carrier. Last few long runs have been a bother with the water carrier. I may try the handheld water bottle for Saturdays 20 miler. Still haven't decided where to go. Somewhere with some hills. Probably be back out either at Spain Hill or the Lascassas loop. This time I'm going to start at 4:30 am, and beat some of the heat. Could always drive into Nashville and go on the Strider training run. Only downside, it kills half the day. At least by starting at 4:30 am and running local, I'm back home at a decent time.

Party at the bosses house last night. Lots of good food, beer and wine. Ate to much, but did manage the beer intake.

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