Wednesday, September 17, 2008

relays and hot tubs

Slept in on Wednesday, but did get up in time to get an easy 5.15 mile recovery run before work. Tuesday night was the first soak of the fall in the hot tub. I prepped it over the weekend, when I heard the temperatures were going to break. Once the temperatures get below 60 degrees at night, it's time to jump in the hot tub. Felt good on my tight calves. Don't know if it was the speed workout on Tuesday or the back to back weekends of 20 milers. Usually when I ramp up the mileage in marathon training the calves start to tighten up. The hot tub really helps to loosen them up.

Speed Queen is back from Reach the Beach. She ran 3 legs for 16 miles. This relay starts in Franconia Notch and ends up 200 miles later in Hampton Beach. She said it was a blast. I've always wanted to do one of these relays. The first one I heard about was Hood to Coast. A couple of the folks I ran with in Texas have run it every year for 10+ years. PN ran the Blue Ridge Relay a couple of years ago. Somewhere there's a write up. Even FM2 has run a relay. He ran one in Ohio. They sound like a lot of fun. One of these days I'd like to run one.

This morning was a 20 mile bike ride. Same route I always do before work. House to Stones River Battlefield via the Stones River Greenway. Started a little later this morning, almost a quarter till 6 am. Easy to see why some many rabbits are road kill. Of the dozen rabbits on the mile and a half section of greenway, half dart right in front of me. Usually they wait until your within 5 feet and then either dart in front of you or to the right. Damn squirrels are more unpredictable. They'll go back and forth, trying to decide which way to run. Little cool to start on the bike, but very comfortable by the time I got home and the sun was up.

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