Saturday, May 24, 2008

Day 2

Holiday weekend started yesterday at noon. I left work and went to Dylan's bike day at school. Plenty hot, the kids had fun. One teacher would only let her kids play on the playground, another had a water day with about 5-6 different water slides, pools, and sprinklers. Dylan's class and another class did the bikes and scooters. Saw 4 kids wipe out, lots of scraped knees, and few tears.

Did an easy 10 miler from the house today. Same route as yesterday. Last night's rain washed away the pollen from the bushes on the greenway. Plus, yesterday's heat and sun must have baked the flowers, they were about 50% brown with the rest white. Heading back I passed 2 runners I know and 2 steps later a young doe jumped out of the woods 5 feet in front of me. Startled her as much as me, she didn't know which way to go. She ran in front of me for about 20 yards, before she found a path to jump down.

Lots of people out on the greenway for that time of the morning, not even 7 am yet. One woman was sitting in a chair directly on the path smoking a cigarette! She was taking up a third of the trail. 10 years ago I would have had something smart ass, to say, mellowed over the years. Did tell Tommy when I ran into him on the other end of the greenway. He's the one were I got the Old Man. Both of us are 40 somethings'.

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