Saturday, May 31, 2008

Moon Pie

No moon pie this year, not even a training run. May go on my bike as a out and back from the house, after I build up some miles. Pumped up the tires on the road bike yesterday. Time to get out and get some miles in the saddle or was it TITS?

The Moon Pie is a fun race that I'm never really ever in decent enough shape to run to my potential. I've run it 2 or 3 times, done training runs on it about as many times, but usually on my bike. It's a great course with rolling hills and lots of country. But, the one thing that gets me every year is the heat. I'm just not a warm weather runner. I've run half marathons at a faster pace.

Did the Cardiac Center 5k route twice this morning before the race started. It was run on the old Pace Center course. Phil and I did the timing for the Murfreesboro Pacers. Eric M. won it in 18:21 on a sunny hot morning. That's what really sealed the decision on Moon Pie. I just can't get excited about the heat. Debating whether or not to start at 4:30 am tomorrow to escape the heat. Probably just sleep in a little bit and start at sun up.

May didn't really pan out as a very good training month. Only got 169 miles versus 208 miles for April. Took 5 days off for the upper calf strain. Really think it was more tendon than calf. Strange spot, never hurt in that area before. Tweaked the groin climbing the fence at the track on Thursday. Took Friday off, still a little sore. Uncomfortable but tolerable this morning on the run. Hope to get back up to around 60 miles per week and make another fast 5k attempt around the first or second week in July. Should have plenty of time to acclimate to the heat. Just need to stay uninjured.


Lisa said...

Yeah, the heat is definitely here, but PW is so shaded it didn't bother me one bit this morning.

(although, you could have wrung my clothes out twice!)

Old Man and mid pack runner said...

shame we don't have anything similar south of Nashville.