Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday, saturday......

Friday, finally put some new tires on the back of my car. Tires on the back only last around 20,000 miles. The ones on front will be replaced today, they've got close to 70,000 miles. Saw the billboards for Discount Tire. Shopped on line and called to make sure they had tires. Really clean store, lots of employees, friendly and customer service. No pressure sales tactics. Really do need new tires up front, they've just worn better than the rears. I've used NTB for the last 20 + years. Not really dissatisfied with them, just tried the other store. I'll go back to Discount, NTB works a skeleton crew. Wait time is way to long. Discount, 2 new tires in 15 minutes.

Strained calf

Met EB at the General Bragg trail head for a easy 10 miler. She's been recovering from a ham string injury. This was the first I've run with her quite awhile. We started out slow, first mile was a 8:51. We picked it up a little, to around a 8:00 pace going into the second mile. My calf was tight and wasn't loosening up. Headed up a little rise and it wasn't any better. Stopped to stretch it out, but it wouldn't extend. Started back running slowly and it wasn't getting any better. Cut the run short.

Damn hate being hurt. Weird strain this time, upper part of the calf. Thursday's tempo run, the calf was tight. Friday's recovery run it was fine. Don't know that I could have done anything different to avoid it. This will be the third time I've strained this calf. Other two times were a lot lower. Almost makes me think this may not be the calf, its in the middle at the very top, directly below the knee.

Rest of the day was the typical hustle around town. Bought a new dryer at HH Greg. Took Dylan to the skate board park in Symrna. PJ and I had stopped by the Murfreesboro Y so he could go to that skate park with his brother. But, they've closed it for remodeling. Smyrna's skate board park is much better anyway. Lots more ramps and other stuff to grind and jump from. Wish I'd have brought the camera.

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Jill said...

Do you think your hammies are too tight? Behind the knee sounds like something up top is bothering it. Maybe do some research on the internet about it...and see if you can get it loosened up.

I hate to hear you may be injured...