Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Still brewin'

Up at 3:30 for a recovery run on the golf course. Rain and lightning put a stop to that. Surfed the net looking at beer making supplies instead. The company that made the kit my sister in law gave me isn't even in business any more. It's similar to the Mr. Beer kit. Everything you need to make your own beer. Except bottles with the kit I've got. I'll buy some bottles and priming sugar and decide on the next step. The 5 gallon starter kits are about $60 plus a ingredient kit for around $50.

Found one beer supply store in Nashville and another in Murfreesboro. I'll go check them out in the next couple of days for some bottles and priming sugar.

Rain run

Rain never did let up and decided to go ahead and run. Only did 4 miles. Of course as I write this and eat my breakfast the rain has stopped. Pretty wicked looking clouds, though.

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