Saturday, May 3, 2008

Lightning and the Lascassas Loop

Heavy rain and lots of lightning this morning at 4:00 am when I got up to get a early start. Rain front coming through won't pass until probably 8 or 9 am. That would be great if I were running the Strolling Jim (one of these days) or the Wild Thang. The Wild Thang is a 9 mile trail run at Long Hunter State Park. I've done the race once, volunteered once. Ran the trail countless times. Cool thing about that race, instead of a t-shirt, you get a tree seedling. Seems some of the bigger races have started to give out technical shirts instead of the cotton, its about time. Sure don't need anymore cotton t-shirts.

Needed to be done this morning by 7 am so we could head up to the farm. Pops poured a concrete slab for his motorhome. He also got a couple loads of gravel to spread in the barn to keep the dust down. The rain will be done by the time we get to the farm, just means I won't get my run in today. I don't mind running in the rain, its the lightning I don't want to mess with.

More later..

Starting point of Lascassas and Spain hill loops

Ended up starting my run at 6:30 am, the front pushed through faster than I thought. Got rained on for the first 2 miles and last 2 miles. No biggie, just a light drizzle. Planned on doing 12 miles at 7:30 pace, but cut it short at 10.8 because of the late start. Ended up averaging 7:25 pace, right about marathon pace. Took the camera and stopped 6 times to take pictures. Good thing I was by myself. Lots of buzzards out and saw one American Goldfinch.

first rise on the Lascassas loop

coyote corner looking towards the bridge

coyote corner looking across the field by the creek

coyote corner looking back up the hill

spain hill across the field

looking back down the last hill on the Lascassas loop

To wet for Dylan's ball game, it was canceled. Rushed for nothing on my run, to wet to go to the farm, we'll go tomorrow instead. Rest of today we'll shop for camping stuff for the farm, plus do some birthday shopping for Dylan. He'll be seven.

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