Sunday, May 11, 2008

Run, run, run

Happy mothers day!

Weekends are always way to busy. Up at 3:30 am on Saturday in order to get a run in before setting up for the See Spot Run 5k. Ran the course twice, slowly. Great turnout for the race, over 290 registered, 237 finishers through the chute. (lots of dogs poop out coming back through the start area) This is a real fun race. I like running at MTSU, never have "officially" run a race on the course, always before the race starts or some other day. Lots of dogs, big and small. Still waiting for the file from the race director so I can match the times with the names and finish the results. Big time saver not entering the times manually, but still need to buy a bar code reader to eliminate entering the bib numbers manually.

Got home and started on the yard work. I weedeated, so Darrell could mow the back yard, it was a jungle. Electric bush trimmer/cutter got water in it from the shed and wouldn't work even after drying it out. Cut the bushes the old fashioned way with the manual hedge trimmers. Suprisingly my arms aren't sore today. Did manage to get big time sunburn on my back. Wore a cowboy hat so my head and face wouldn't get burned. PJ and Dylan were at her sisters yard sale.

Jumped in the shower and off to t-ball. Game didn't start until 4:00 pm. Seems like all of the games we had last year were early morning, nothing after noon. It's going to be tough next weekend, once its starts warming up. Those little kids will wilt in the heat. Dylan played great, got a couple of good hits. The other team was really sharp, good thing they didn't keep score.

Sunday I'd wanted to go to Spain hill and get in about 12-13 miles. Talked with speedy on Friday and he wanted to go out to Cedars of Lebanon. Never did hear from him. Guess I'll just run 12 or so from the house.

Swirling winds

Wiped out from my run this morning. Wanted 12 miles at 7:30 pace. Seems like every turn I took the wind was in my face. Mostly just steady, but gusts that would stand you up straight every so often. Never did really figure out which way the wind was blowing, primarily from the Southwest, but gusting from the North? Maybe that's why it was a little cooler this morning. Only 60 degrees when I headed out the door at 6:30 am. Even put on the arm warmers for the first 2.5 miles. Stopped at 9 miles to hack up a bug, I sucked into my windpipe. Almost coughed up a lung trying to get rid of it. Slogged it on home after that. Must be the sunburn and the dehydration from yesterday catching up with me.

Lots of mother days tributes.(from Lisa and Jill) I guess everyone has women in their lives that have touched them. For me, PJ, her mom, my mom and my grandma (granny) but I'm not much of a writer, I'll leave that to the others.


Lisa said...

You are a good writer. We just wish we were as FAST as you!

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