Tuesday, May 27, 2008

back to work

Long holiday weekends take a toll. Today was catch up at work. Slept in this morning and only had time for 4 miles and weights this morning before work.

Saturday we went fishing in the tail waters of Cordell Hull Dam. It was all of the guys. We went late in the afternoon and didn't really start catching any fish until it started cooling off a little bit. The boys used worms we dug up at the farm. No big fish, mostly blue gills, some pretty good sized though. Highlight of the trip, a bald eagle. Darrell spotted it. It flew towards us and then turned and landed in the trees on the cliffs overlooking the tail waters. That may be the second time I've ever seen a bald eagle in the wild.

Sunday we chopped up the downed cedar tree. Tim and I cut up some pieces to make a bench. The first attempt was pretty lame. I gave up and Tim took over. Between him and a little input from everyone else they finished up the bench. It turned out really nice. Lots of character. Took the boys back to the same place to go fishing, but waited until around 6:30 in the evening. Lots more fish this time. Darrell only caught one, but it was a decent size Sauger. We didn't get back until late. Darrell and I stayed up to clean all of the fish and everyone else went to bed. Took some benadryl for my allergies.

Monday morning it rained before we got up. Everyone stayed dry in the camper. I went for a 8 mile run down Little Creek road. It was just a 4 mile out and back. It was already hot and sunny when I started. Saw a 6 foot black racer and pileated woodpecker.

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