Friday, May 16, 2008


Picked up a case of one liter bottles with lids and some priming sugar from All Seasons on Eighth Avenue in Nashville yesterday morning. Got the bottles with lids, so I wouldn't have to mess with bottle caps. Last night I bottled 7 liters worth of beer. The kit must must be mislabeled and contain a porter style beer or way out of date. 10 days till the second stage of the process is finished.

Got some Kashi Go Lean Crunch cereal. Don't like it as well as the Granola cereal I usually mix with my yogurt. Golf course this morning with Speedy for a recovery run. Saw a skunk family. Speedy saw them first, they were only about 10 feet away. Even with my headlamp shining on them I didn't spot them until I saw 2 of them moving. Babies or juveniles, about a third of the size of a normal skunk. Also saw some kind of hawk like bird. Flew around like a bat, but a little larger than a mourning dove. White markings under the wings, I'll see if I can't try and figure out what kind of bird.

Wanted to scan our old wedding pictures last night. The scanner we have is "out of cycle" or something. It's to old for them to write code for the drivers, so they'll offer a discount to buy the latest scanner. Damn computers are a pain in the ass. Planned obsolescence. Did the microsoft update thing on the desktop computer and it wouldn't even start up windows. Took me until 11:00 last night to get it back running again.

Tried to get some pictures of Lance, he wouldn't hold still for very long. Crappy camera didn't help. It doesn't take bad pictures, if the subject isn't moving. Just put some brand new lithium "photo" batteries in the camera and it's already showing low battery.


Jill said...

Oh, you're just like me on the electronics. Ugh...maybe we can get a discount on new 1 get one 50% off??

Lisa said...

Cute dog!