Friday, May 2, 2008

Longer days

Slow recovery on the golf course this morning. Dawn breaking at around 5:15. I cut the run short because the grounds keepers were already pulling out the tractors on the second loop. 7.1 miles in a hour plus is plenty for a recovery run. It was good practice for the ultra shuffle. It's about the same pace we started out on the first Fat Ass 50k. That would be about the average pace were someone to walk the ups and run the flats and downs at Percy Warner Park. Hmmmmmm. Not thinking about the entire distance, but maybe 50 miles or 50k.

Saw a possum on the first loop of the golf course this morning. A single goose was honking the first time I went by the pond and still going on the second lap. Passed overhead honking within 10 feet of me. Usually don't see a Canadian goose by itself, maybe that's why it was making so much racket. It did scare off the Great Blue Heron that's usually hanging around the pond.

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