Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Home brew

PJ brought home a homebrew beer making kit from her sister on Saturday. Sunday afternoon I cooked up the wert and put it in the 10 liter container that came with the kit. The malt had expanded inside the can it was packaged, almost bursting. Doesn't appear the yeast is any good. The 2nd day of fermentation and I should have some bubbles coming up. I'll wait a couple more days and try to bottle what I've got and see if it turns out.

I've been wanting to try and home brew some beer for quite a long time. If this batch doesn't work, I'll buy a some more malt and try again.

Update, as of Tuesday morning lots of bubbles. Good deal. Still thought it would be lighter in color, malt was almost blackish brown. Looks very dark for an american lager. It'll be fun to see how this batch turns out.

FM2 paced me for a tempo workout this morning. Wanted 4 miles at tempo pace around a 6:40 mile. Did the first 3 miles in 6:37, 6:49 and 6:38. Heart rate was at 172 and I was spent. Took a minute break and did one more mile in 6:35. Glad to have FM2 pacing me, makes all the difference. I'd have stopped at 3 and not even considered doing 1 more mile. Plus, when I started slowing its nice to have someone pushing you back onto pace. Next week I'm going to try 2 x 2 miles at tempo, with a touch quicker pace. EB is on the road to recovery, between her and the fast guys I've got 3 different folks to help pull or push me through the tempo workouts.

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turtle said...

If it works out, you should post on the brand of kit that you used. That's really interesting :]