Monday, May 19, 2008

back to work

Picture of the lilac I planted 2 years ago. This is the first year it bloomed. Last year the late frost got it. I have doubts its even a lilac. It isn't like the bush we had in Georgia. That bush had white blooms and different flowers. On further web surfing, the bush we had in Georgia was a gardenia. Can't remember why I ended up with the lilac. Couldn't find a gardenia?

Got out the waterfall fountain for the front yard. It attracts the American Goldfinches nesting in the neighborhood. Also, saw a hummingbird at one of the feeders in the house behind ours. I'd really like to get a picture of either of those birds. The hummers are the coolest. Like little kamikaze pilots darting around the yard. They seem to make it a game on how close they can get to you.

Drove all over Tennessee looking at 4 wheelers, dirt bikes and mini-bikes. Ended up in McMinnville. Stopped at the trail head for the Barren Fork Greenway. It's off of Highway 55 heading back towards Morrison. That's the town where Mom grew up. It's really changed. It was raining lightly when I took this picture of Dylan. Rained hard until we got to the interstate.

Ended up getting a mini-bike. Dylan isn't quite big enough for the smaller dirt bikes and the 4 wheelers are a little to fast. This thing is governed to hold down the speed. He had a good time riding it around the yard.


Jill said...

Oh, I LOVE lilacs!! I had a huge one growning up in Michigan. Then, planted one in Hendersonville but had to sell the house...the year it bloomed. Mmm..I wish I could smell it right now.

Gardenias are wonderful too!

kjpweb said...

That bike looks pretty cool - and Dylan seems to be a happy trooper having it... ;)