Thursday, May 8, 2008

Gray day

Overslept again this morning, second time this week. Lance woke me up at 2:52 am and I didn't wake up again until 4:30 am. Didn't even hear the alarm at 3:30. Missed meeting WH at the track, I'll just do my 12 x 200 meter repeats on the road.

Only got one picture from Dylan's party. (replaced the old photo on the left column) Batteries on the camera are almost dead. Damn camera. This set of batteries lasted alot longer than regular batteries. We'll need to get that Canon Powershot before the cruise. May try and get one of those countdown stickies to attach to the blog.

Checked out a youtube video of a crossfit workout with the kettlebell. That looks like it could be very beneficial to a runner. I may try it with dumb bells. Only found one gym in Nashville that does the workouts. Can't see driving to a gym to do the workouts, that's why I've got the dumb bells and bench in the garage.

Finally got out the door this morning at 6 am. Plenty warm and breezy. Rain didn't start until I'd finished my 6 miles. Did 11 x 200 meter repeats, averaging 40 seconds. Target was 41, but can't believe I miscounted the reps. I'll have to create a counter of some sort for my wrist, maybe a piece of leather with beads on it or something. Use to use rocks to count my loops when I did a 20 miler on the 2 mile path on the paved trail in Smyrna.


Jill said...

Have you tried buying digital batteries (if it's a digital camera)? My camera batteries always used to go dead early and I bought these new batteries...and it does better now. But, yea, I have a bad camera and need a new one too!

The Bday picture is great. Gotta love a kid that likes all chocolate cake!

Old Man and mid pack runner said...

exactly what I did, much better battery life. just died when I wanted pic's of the party.