Sunday, June 1, 2008

red, blue and yellow

Lots of yellow, as in American Gold Finch this morning. Did 11.1 miles at Spain Hill this morning after the rain had stopped. We lost power last night for a couple of hours. This morning the cable was out, no Internet. Lots of lightning and a steady rain. Finished up the results for the Cardiac Center 5k, waiting for the rain to pass or lightning to stop.

Looked like it would start raining again at any minute for the first several miles. That's where I saw all of the gold finches. Tiny little birds. The blue birds I saw were actually larger. Saw a few cardinals, buzzards, mockingbirds, a single hawk and a rafter of turkeys. (yea, doesn't sound right does it) Sun popped out on the last few miles, good thing the wind picked and was blowing in my face.

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