Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Almost tempted

Speedy emailed yesterday wanting to know if I was interested in a run on the golf course this morning. This is the one scheduled day off per week. But, I really wanted to run. It almost seems like I should be running. Sure do feel better when I'm running regularly. My back doesn't bother me near as much. Allergies are not an issue. PJ has the runny nose and eyes from everything blooming and the grasses haven't even started yet. Dylan, same thing. Even the joints in my legs and ankles feel achy if I don't run. Runners' high, I don't know about that. Never have experienced that. I do like to complain and whine, most every run. Every now and again, though I get the "no chain" effect. Doesn't happen every day or even once a week.

Think I'll get the bikes ready for this weekend or the next day off. Last year I rode on the off days. Not to much on the weekend, it just eats up way to much of the day. The headlamp should work well with the bike. I've used a light that attaches directly to the bike in the past. I'll have to put back on the red blinky light for the rear of the bike.

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