Saturday, March 22, 2008


Day 2 for the sprained ankle. Got home from work last night and the swelling was grapefruit sized on the lateral side, mild swelling on the medial side. Iced for awhile and went to bed. This morning the swelling is down significantly. Not near as bad as when I broke the 5th meta-tarsal. PJ is mocking me, asking when I'm going for a run again. She'll get hers when I start getting grumpy because I haven't been for a run. I was in a pretty foul mood at work, yesterday. Mainly, because I hate being hurt. Even Dylan is picking up on it. His ankle hurt last night to. So he had to ice his as well. I try not to, but I'm a grumpy old SOB when I'm hurt.

I was afraid something like this would happen to jeopardize my pacing attempt at the Country Music Half Marathon. Last year I broke my big toe 2 weeks before race day. I took off every day except for the last couple before race day. I was able to pull that off without any problems. This time arouond, I have a better base and more time before race day. Shouldn't be much of a setback, only a frustration.

Looks like I missed a great day for a training run on the course with the Nashville Striders. Damn.

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Lisa said...

yeah, it's always fun to do the training runs, especially if I have somewhere to shower & have other plans in the area. I had fun even though the wind chilled me the last few miles.

Get well soon!