Saturday, March 8, 2008


According to the weather folks, last significant snowfall in Nashville was 5 years ago. So, you need to take advantage of the snow when it really does fall. We got around 2-4 inches of snow in Murfreesboro. Hard to say exactly, it was blowing to much to measure. I like to run in the snow, more so when it's actually falling.

I planned on doing a 16 mile run, but because of the wind, cut it short at 10 miles. I stayed close to the house in case the wind and cold was to much. It was 26 degrees and 10-15 mph north winds. I was never more than 2-3 miles from the house at any time, just one giant loop through the residential neighborhoods to try and stay out of the wind and to get as much actual snow as possible.

The horses out at the MTSU agriculture center thought I'd come by to feed them. The roadway is almost a half mile long gravel with cross fenced holding pens on each side. The horses in each pen would start running when they saw me approaching, beautiful animals. Ends up by the time I got to the end of the road, someone was out in a Gator to feed them.

Had fun in the snow on the run. On the way home, ran into Paula and Dylan out for a walk with Lance. He's so short, all of his belly hair was frozen as well as all of the hair around his face. Got back home and cooked up a batch of chili to cook in the crock pot. Then Dylan and I went out to find some hills to sled. Everyone else in Murfreesboro must have had the same idea. We played for around a half hour before most of the snow was about gone and Dylan was ready to go home. 2 hours later and all of the snow is gone.

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