Thursday, March 13, 2008

quest for the sub 19

I've been trying to go sub 19:00 in a 5k for the last couple of years. This year I've bumped up the mileage, by adding an extra running day. I only take one day off running a week. But, I do at least two recovery runs a week on the golf course, nice and slow. I've been doing some tempo workouts for about four weeks. Tuesday was the first time on the track in over a year. Today's workout was supposed to be the first of a four week build up for another fast 5k attempt.

I have 1,400 meters of straight level road marked every 100 meters to do speedwork. The track is locked and the turns seem to make me accelerate. Today's workout was straight from Jack Daniels. 6 x 200 meters at R pace with 200 meter recovery. 3 x 1,000 meters at I pace with 2:00 minutes of recovery and 3 x 400 meters at R pace with 400 meter recovery.

I warmed up for 3.75 miles on the road. The 200 meters were coming pretty easy. Target was 41 seconds, splits were 41, 40, 39, 40, 40, 41. First 200 meters were little quick, 18-19 seconds and slowing in the final 100 meters. Everthing started falling apart on the 1,000 meter repeats. Started out on target, but was slowing by 400 meters. First one came in at 3:45 versus a target of 3:40. Second one came in at 3:47. Definately, not able to maintain pace through till the end. Started the final repeat and hit 400 meters in 1:34 versus a target of 1:28 and bagged it. Crap!

400 meter repeats didn't go very well either. To hot for the first 200 meters and fading fast for the next 200. Did 2 x 400 meters, way off target and called it a day. Damn, seems like the first time back doing speedwork takes a while for the paces to click. Sure wasn't happening today.


Lisa said...

Good Luck with the sub-19! Which race is it?

Old Man and mid pack runner said...

Saturday, April 12
North Rutherford Healthy Kids Day 5K/1Mile Fun Run
7:00 AM, North Rutherford YMCA, Smyrna,TN. Info: Dwight Bond (615) 220-9622.