Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Back on track

Still don't seem to be getting back up to speed or endurance. Plan today was from Jack Daniels.

2 x 2 miles at T pace with 2 minute recovery.
1 x 800 meters at I pace with 2 minute recovery.
2 x 400 meters at R pace with 400 meter recovery.
2 miles at T pace

Did a 3 mile warmup and decided to use the track instead of the road. The wind was blowing about 10 miles per hour from the south. I figured less wind on the track. It's been awhile since I've scaled the fence at the track. Always afraid I'll strain or pull something while perched on the top of the fence trying to get my footing to get to the other side.

First 2 miles came in right on target despite the effort required in the wind. Half way thru that repeat saw W. come into the track. (yea, not that W., does he even run anymore?) He was running the stairs. We're both the same age and pretty close in most races. I seem to be chasing him more lately. We're both trying for that sub 19 5k. I stopped and talked with him for awhile after the first repeat. But here's the dumb part. I forgot to run my 2nd 2 mile repeat or maybe it's because I didn't reset my watch. Anyway 400 meters at T pace and then stop and restart. But instead of doing my 2 mile repeat I jumped right in and did the 800 meter at I pace. It came in on target. 400's were a couple of seconds slow. The next 2 mile at T, didn't start very well. The first mile was a 6:40, that's closer to adjusted T pace. Got a drink and tried to get back on T pace for at least one more mile. First 400 was off and I called it a day.

Crap another lousy track effort. Don't know if it was the wind that beat me up or maybe I should have eaten something before I started. I'd been doing the tempo stuff with Speedy without eating? Thursday's tempo I'll try a Slim Fast before the workout and see if that makes a difference.

I was all the way geeked out for this run. Headlamp, Ipod, Ironman 50 lap watch and Garmin. Carried my water and a baggie with my splits and workout written down. Looking at the data I know why the run today was only 8 miles instead of the 11 planned. Skipped the 2nd 2 mile repeat and only did a little over half of the 2nd T pace repeat. It's easier for me to go sissy when I run by myself. At least when I do speedwork with someone else, I seem to push alittle bit harder. Sure wish EB would hurry up and heal.


Lisa said...

weather.com says the winds will be 21 mph when I get off work. Maybe I should run with a kite? :P

Old Man and mid pack runner said...

don't know why I'm such a wimp about the wind. in TX it was always blowing.

21 mph winds, yikes, plan the route to get the maximum shelter and wind at your back. neighborhoods or greenways seem to block lots of wind. avoid the open road. good luck :)

I'll take the wind over the dreadmill any day.