Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sweet spot

Found the sweet spot this morning. I figured out why I like the super duper slow pace on the golf course. It's about the pace used on the recovery jogs in between repeats/intervals. Only thing is it took so long this morning to get 8 miles, the sun was already up. Cool sunrise, lots of color.

Course, also a spot when I'm doing a tempo run where the groove is on. Sure hope to hit it again tomorrow. Last week it wasn't happening. Some days it just doesn't click.

Also, another zone is the magic 8:00 minute pace I'm training to lock into. It's right about easy run pace, but a touch quicker. Almost in between marathon pace and easy run pace. If I relax to much or lose focus, I'll either speed up or slow down. Getting better at maintaining the overall effort which is easier than the locking exactly into the pace. That accounts for the ups and downs on the course anyway.

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